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by Elena
Custom Wire Wraps,
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                             Ecofriendly, Inspirational Art
                                                by Elena

Wire Wrapped Rings and Custom Jewelry

~Simple Wire Wrapped Ring~
~Embellished Wire-Wrapped Ring
~Band Ring~


There are two design options for wire wrapped rings: Simple Wirewrap and Embellished Wirewrap.. There is greater detail regarding each of these written below.

Sustainable sterling silver has been crafted by melting down silver and reforming it into silver wire; which I then use to wrap with! I support a source which guarantees the material is 100% recycled post-consumer metal put through a heat treatment process. I am working towards using all materials molded using 100% post consumer recycled content. This cuts down on environmental impact and all dangers associated with mining! Each wire wrap you acquire from me supports this goal to minimize the environmental footprint of the jewelry made!

Sustainable copper has been created with the environment in mind. It is molded by also using re-purposed materials!

A Reiki charging ceremony for the crystal and a "poem of intention" can be ordered with you crystal at an additional cost for time and materials. A "poem of intention" is a creatively written poem describing the uses and intentions inspired by your individual connection to the stone. No wrapped crystal or "poem of intention" will be the same as you and your Divinely inspired connection to each creation are unique in and of itself. The Reiki charging ceremony is also unique and may be conducted with the inclusion of other crystals, incense, sage, etc. to give your creation a little extra love!

Crystal Gallery features available crystals you can choose from to be made into a wire wrapped ring You can do this, or I will intuitively choose a stone to wrap for you at your request by tuning into your energetic field and intuiting a crystalline energy which will resonate with your needs!

The listing to add a Reiki session to any order can be found here:

You can have any custom ring made adjustable by also purchasing this listing here.

Simple Wire Wrapped Design

This is an order for a sterling silver or *gold plated* sterling silver custom wire-wrapped crystal as a ring with the intentions of lovingly displaying a crystal of your attraction in it's most simple form. I use the wire to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the selected crystal as suited to it's individuality, creating a homey cage for the earthly being. Included with each custom piece is a description of the metaphysical properties of the crystal(s).

Copper Wire Wrapped Ring : $20
Sterling Silver/Gold-Plated Wire Wrapped Ring : $25

Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Ring : 35




Embellished Wire Wrapped Design

In ordering this type of custom wrapped crystal you are requesting that I allow inspiration to flow in wire embellishing a crystal picked out just for you. I'll use spirals, swirlies, braiding, among other artistic techniques to lovingly create a piece that is sure to glow with beauty. The design highlights the natural uniqueness of the crystal you have been drawn to and displays it proudly. Included with each custom piece is a description of the metaphysical properties of the chosen crystal(s).

Copper Wire Wrapped Ring : $25

Sterling Silver/Gold-Plated Wire Wrapped Ring:$30
Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Ring: $40

Band Wire Ring Design

This type of ring design is made using a single bead for a thin, clean, simple design. These
rings are great for those who like simplicity, and for using as stacking or wedding bands!

Copper Wire Wrapped Ring $25
Silver/Gold Plated Wire Wrapped Ring $35

Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Ring $50