Ecofriendly and
Inspiring Artwork
by Elena
Custom Wire Wraps,
Stones, and Healing
Crystals  Your trusted source for 
custom hand made jewelry and custom wire wraps

                             Ecofriendly, Inspirational Art
                                                by Elena

Custom Jewelry that is as Unique as you are!

Mesh Hemp-Wrap: Metal Free Option

I have self-taught this style and design. This is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin or metal allergies! The chain can be formulated without without a metal clasp. Without a clasp, the necklace will be complete with a knot and hole to secure the creation nicely whilst maintaining the ability to take it on and off.

A Reiki charging ceremony for the crystal and a "poem of intention" can be ordered with you crystal at an additional cost for time and materials. A "poem of intention" is a creatively written poem describing the uses and intentions inspired by your individual connection to the stone. No wrapped crystal or "poem of intention" will be the same as you and your Divinely inspired connection to each creation are unique in and of itself. The Reiki charging ceremony is also unique and may be conducted with the inclusion of other crystals, incense, sage, etc. to give your creation a little extra love!

The Crystal Gallery features available crystals you can choose from to have wrapped. You can do this, or I will intuitively choose a stone to wrap for you at your request by tuning into your energetic field and intuiting a crystalline energy which will resonate with your needs!