Customer Appreciation Customer Appreciation A picture that Jamie posted on Instagram of her eco silver wire-wrapped black rhodonite necklace! 181055278 A picture that Chloe posted on Instagram of her gold-plated silver wire-wrapped bloodstone necklace! 181055280 A picture that Michael posted on Instagram of his eco silver wire-wrapped fluorite necklace! 181055277 A picture that Laura posted on Instagram of her copper wire-wrapped black tourmaline necklace! 181055279 A picture that Terri posted on Facebook of her copper wire-wrapped rose quartz necklace! 181055281 A picture that Grace posted on Instagram of her copper wire-wrapped black tourmaline and quartz necklace! 181055276 A collage Tammie posted on Instagram of her copper wire-wrapped fire opal necklace! 181055282 A picture that Meredith posted on Facebook of her custom wire-wrapped necklaces! 181055283 A picture that Lizz posted on Instagram of her copper wire-wrapped sodalite necklace! 181055284 A picture that Lisa posted on Facebook of her copper wire-wrapped tektite necklace! 181055285 A picture that Kaelyn posted on Instagram of her sterling silver wire-wrapped chakra pendants! 181137089 A picture that Kaelyn posted on Instagram of her sterling silver wire-wrapped chakra pendants! 181137387 A user promoting handmade artwork decided they liked this custom order enough to share it! 182100536 Miss Alexa posted this picture on Instagram from our wire-wrapping lesson. She made such pretty pieces, and for the first time too! 182100537 Kem sent me a picture of this ring that she purchased from me after she fell in love with it! It fits her perfectly! 182100538 Elaine took this picture of her custom ordered chakra pendant set, necklace, and baby anklet! 182101454 Elaine took this picture of her custom ordered chakra pendant set! 182101455 Ria wearing her custom ordered creation. They go together beautifully! 182101599 A picture posted of the Wire-Wrapped crystal jewelry for sale at Milwaukie Grind! 182807089 Rachel posted a lovely picture of her custom wire-wrapped Amethyst necklace :) 182807090 An Instagram for handmade artists shared this wire-wrapped creation :) 182807091 Tara posted this gorgeous picture of her with her custom wire-wrapped Labradorite! 182807092 Danielle loves her necklace that her son ordered for her birthday present! 182807093 Linna loves her necklace! 182807094 Andrew thought the necklace for his momma was perfect :) 182807095 Louis loved one of my paintings so much, he got it tattooed on his arm! What an honor! 182807096 Kaelyn charging with her crystal pendant set. Love it! 183212768 Rand's collection with added HappyMedium4eco creations! 183212769 Rachel posted this picture of her lovely Amethyst 183212770 Portland Grind posted this picture of the healing creation in Milwaukie Grind 183212771 Kaelyn opening her third eye with her chakra pendant 183212772 Rand sporting his gnome creation! 183212773 Rand showing off his wire-wrapped Ammonite fossil! 183212774 Southeast Grind posted this picture of Elena painting at their sibling coffee house, Milwaukie Grind! 183629651 Taylor posted this beautiful picture and kind words about her custom wire-wrapped crystal creation! 183629652 The first "Free Tree" print sold, and beautifully framed in this lovely lady's home! 183629653 This picture of "Sweet Tree" painting hanging in Milwaukie Grind was shared on Facebook! 183629654 A happy customer posting about her custom piece! 184801324 Another picture from this happy customer on Instagram! 184801326 This woman posted a picture of her custom creation on Instagram! 184801325 This man took all his "Tree People" creations, including one original, to be framed! 185206317 "Tree People" and a print of "Surrender"! 185206318 "Tree People" in their happy home! 185206319 More "Tree People" in their happy home! 185206320 Jade posted this photo on Instagram of her HappyMedium4eco creation alongside that of another artist's work! She was excited to receive the packages on the same day :) 185206321 I'm so grateful for this promoter of handmade items featuring my ammonite necklace! 186141254 Kaelyn is having fun experimenting with and charging her heart chakra pendant! 186141255 Tammie is enjoying her beautiful chinese good luck token and cruelty-free parrot feather necklace :) 186141256 Heather loved her custom made necklace! 186141257 Rand posted this sweet picture of his necklace and picture of friendly Stardust on Facebook! 186141258 Rand has quite the collection of HappyMedium4eco crystal creations mixed among his other wears :) 186141261 WireWrapping at Southeast Grind in Portland Picture Credit: Mark Seibold 186576888 WireWrapping at Southeast Grind in Portland Picture Credit: Mark Seibold 186576889 Alyssa loves her quartz with rainbow inclusions! 186576890 Rand got his custom "Tree People" painting framed! 187536016 Rand is experimenting with his 3D printer and displaying his creations on Elena's handmade chains! "The chains are beautiful, and my favorite way to hang any of the pieces I make -- they are comfortable to wear and enhance any piece you place on them" - Rand 187536017 Miss is still loving her necklace, after about 8 months! 187536018 Eugene loves his custom necklace :) 187536019 Isn't he pretty? :) 187536020 Nicole is so grateful for her gift! 187536021 Speaks for itself :) 187536022 Tammie received her custom necklace and has fallen deeply in love! 187536023 Rand's mother loves the gift he asked Elena to make for her! 187536024 She loves her custom necklace :) 187536025 Eugene took this awesome picture of his custom creation! 187536026 Svetlana's son is a happy camper with this custom painting that his Mom ordered from me :) 187968822 Taylor loves her necklace I gifted her! 187968823 Elaine ordered this custom Amazonite necklace for her love :) 187968824 Again, Elaine's love :) This time, both of them! 187968825 Tammie is so appreciative of her custom Black Tourmaline necklace! 187968826 Tammie is so appreciative of her custom Black Tourmaline necklace! 187968827 Melissa loves her custom keychain :) 188755449 This pretty lady loves her wirewrapped ammonite earrings! 188755450 She's so happy with this custom piece that her mom ordered for her :) 188755451 Jessika is so grateful for her healing creation :) 188755452 Jessika is so grateful for her healing creation :) 188755453 188755454 Lisa shared this picture of her customized wirework heart necklace! 189343521 This woman loves her customized gift :) 189343522 His own "Tree People"! :) 190265975 She was so excited to get this! I hope she loves it :) 190265976 Jen is infatuated with her heart necklace! 190265977 She is loving on her necklace still after a year! Yay for longevity and falling in love! 190265978 Melissa thinks her Tiger's Eye Moon necklace is super cute! 190265979 Words speak for themselves :) 190265980 Scott loves his Black Kyanite necklace! 192052604 Mohammad was very happy with his replication of a Malachite necklace! 192052605 She won my Instagram contest with this agate geode as a prize :) 192052606 Happy customer with her Peacock Ore necklace! 192052607 Alyssa looking gorgeous with her Titanium Quartz necklace! 193274247 Ria's custom creations on Instagram :) 193274248 A closeup of Ria's custom bracelet just after she received it! 193274249 Mallory LOVES her customized necklace~ 193274250 These lovely ladies are the recipients of a couple custom made HappyMedium4eco creations! They couldn't be happier! 193714957 Mallory and her Peacock Ore necklace on Instagram! 193714958 Tammie loving her Obsidian doughnut necklace! 193715175 Erika is loving her custom healing choker necklace. It was specifically designed to help her with her physical healing journey! 194274863 Awilda ordered these creations, the necklace for her son and ring for herself. She asked me to reiki charge them, which I did, and from the moment they arrived these pieces were loved! 194274864 Awilda's words :) 194274866 Tara has been a fan of mine for a long time. I'm so grateful to have inspired to her create, and been able to give her a custom piece! 194274865 Jeni chose to use her Blue Calcite charm as a key chain! It is the perfect stone to have while driving. :) 194274867 Lexi lovin' on her custom love energy charm! :) 194274868 I am her business crush of the day! :) 194953763 Tara loves her custom ring :) 194953764 Hannah is excited to receive her custom necklace! :) 194953765 Chelsea is so cute with her "Thank you" picture of her necklace. :) 194953766 Cyreena was waiting weeks for one of these rings! 194953767 After what seemed like a very LONG roundabout misdelivery of his necklace, Ryan is now wearing it with pride! :) 194953768 Samantha loves her custom ring! 194953769 Courtney is really happy with her Fairy Quartz necklace. :) 194953770 6 months later and Isis is still loving her Opalite necklace! 194953875 Isis is now sporting her first custom piece on her angel self. :) 194953876 Sarah loves her Fairy Quartz beauty :) She took an awesome picture! 195392599 Tammie's Mom was incredibly grateful for her gift, and I am grateful for her! 195392600 Reeanne looking just amazing in her new customized necklace <3 195392601 What a great picture of this customized Chlorite Beauty! 195392602 Hannah loves her new Chrysocholla beauty :) 195392603 Megan loves her new ring! She sent me the design she created, and I brought it to life :) What a great team effort! 195392604 Sweet Aryana loving her back to school gift :) 195392605 Cristina loving her new rose gold wrapped Fairy Quartz! The first night it gave her very vivid dreams! 195392606 Rachel is happy with her new beauty! :) 195392607 Brittany on Instagram - what a sweet heart! 195739483 Erika on Instagram loving her highly customized necklaces! 195739484 Lexi on Instagram - I always love her photo collages when she wears my wears :) 195739485 Looking so lovely in her gifted necklace! 196517944 Lisa loves her custom order! 196517945 I love when my artwork is gifted :) 196517946 Reeanne in her custom Peacock Ore hempwrap! 196517947 A beautiful collage!!!! 196517948 Jane loves her customized necklace :) 196517949 Julie in her one of a kind necklace! 196517950