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Wyeth Campground Hike #400

Posted by elenahuerta10 on July 14, 2017 at 6:35 PM

Today we ventured out intended to visit the Starvation Creek Trail right outside of Hood River Oregon. The parking lot was full! Being set on finding a place to go into nature, I stared looking around. I came across the Wyeth trailhead on my Iphone and decided that was the spot, so there we went!

I arrived to find that I would need to pay a fee to park, but between the toddler anxious to go for a walk and my reluctance to find another spot I decided to simply pay the fee to hike. I usually use the bathroom at those campgrounds when I'm driving to Portland, so I felt like it was only right that I contribute to the upkeep of it!


We started walking and came to a really gorgeous, well built wooden bridge. The view of the creek was stunning.

(Side note: Yes that is me! I decided to temporarily dye my hair leading up to the couple festivals I'll be working at this summer. :) Second Star Festival and Faerieworlds!)


Phoenix wanted to lead through the first part of the trail, until we started to go up an incline.

We went up quite a ways and came to a clearing of sorts. It was very curiousity inspiring. The one person we saw on the entire hike stopeped on his way back to camp, explaining how the clearing was likely due to a rockslide. You can see in the pictures how there are no trees, but the rocks are being taken over with moss and succulents. He said that down a ways, there were more clearings and one of them appears to have new trees growing. He said it was about a 1000 year process to complete and we were only seeing a glimpse of it. How freaking cool! There I was sitting, wondering if parks and rec had cleared the trees to create a viewpoint of the Columbia River, just to be told that it was Nature that cleared  the area. It turns out a perfect view spot was created. Phoenix and I took a break for a little while and then continued back toward where we came from.

Phoenix was tired after watching the river and trains go by, so we headed back. I gave him a piggy back ride the majority of the way until we reached the bridge! Of course he would want to walk across it on his own. While he examined the creek from above again, I ventured below where the water ran through. I let the water run through and along my fingers - such a freeing and blissful feeling! We met again and headed back to the car to complete our journey.

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