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Posted by elenahuerta10 on May 23, 2017 at 1:50 AM

Do you ever go to the store to purchased something and find that the total of what you spent stands out? Or while driving on the freeway you notice that the odometer reads a series of 5 and 6's? There's a reason why these numbers stand out to you!

We live in an existance that has multiple levels, and there are Angels and Guides out there that are always in communication with us. That nagging feeling to go a certain place at a certain time, that sudden draw to a random stranger - some of these intuitions are stimulated on the planes alternative to the physical by our friendly protectors. Numbers is a way that these beings can communicate information with us, or validate what we are feeling. For example, 333 means the ultimate completion manifestation of Christ Consciousness or unconditional Divine love. I know I've seen this series of numbers on occasion, especially when I feel like I am going through an inward transition in my life. Today I was speaking with someone who saw 5000 - a sign that their guides are reaffirming that they are on the right path.

It can be fun to explore this realm of understanding, and really easy! All that is necessary is to expand on the finding that already strike you. That series of repeating numbers is already conversation worthy, however looking deeper into what the numbers mean together could provide some insight into the moment that you don't already have.

When researching, there are a couple sites I recommend:

Dorreen Virtue is fantastic. She is someone I admire for her ability to be in contact with the Divine.


Ask Angels is a website I frequent when looking up numerology.

Sun signs  is another great website!

Enjoy! Trust yourself and trust the universe. Always be curious and let your light shine!

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