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Custom Bracelets

Posted by elenahuerta10 on August 25, 2016 at 9:30 PM

A while ago I posted a blog about the step-by-step creation of a custom bracelet made for one of my return customers. At the time I didn't have access to the pictures of her previous custom orders, but promised to share them at a later date. Now I can!

This was her first ever creation that I worked on for her:

This customer found me and had a bracelet she wanted to have custom made. A YouTuber that she followed had one like this made in silver with a clear Quartz crystal focal point and star/moon charms. My customer was envisioning one similar but made with a stone that was more meaningful to her. Aventurine is one of her birthstones and the one that was decided upon for her bracelet. She wanted her to be made with gold materials and also have matching beads within the bracelet itself. This piece I call the "Aventurine Goddess Bracelet"!

For my customer's next order, she envisioned a bracelet similar in style to her last that was a representation of her first anime - inspired love, Sailor Moon! She envisioned this next one made with a bead/bow combination to match each of the Sailor planet goddesses with Sailor Moon being represented by an Angel Aura Quartz point. As we progressed through the order she ended up feeling drawn to an Angel Aura Quartz cluster instead, as can be seen in the final creation!

That's some serious WOW! Right?!

For those of you that aren't familiar with Sailor Moon, or want your memory refreshed, here is a list of the Sailor Moon Goddess colors that corrospond with the bead/bow sets on the bracelet. I also added the crystal bead that was used for your information!

Sailor Mars - red - Red Agate

Sailor Mercury - light blue - Opalite

Sailor Jupiter - green - Aventurine

Sailor Venus - yellow orange - Citrine

Sailor Uranus - dark blue - Blue Chalcedony

Sailor Neptune - teal or aquamarine - Turquoise

Sailor Pluto - black - Black Tourmaline

Sailor Saturn - purple -Amethyst

Sailor Chibi - pink - Rose Quartz

This was definitely one of the most detailed custom orders I've completed. My customer and I were extremely happy with the way that both of these bracelets came out. Since these two I've also completed 3 more custom pieces for her of vastly different designs, two of which were gifts for her parents.

I love that I can bring people's custom order jewelry visions to life!

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