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An Inspired Life

Posted by elenahuerta10 on June 23, 2016 at 1:20 AM

I had an experience today that was rather profound. I found myself questioning what it is that I am doing - what it is that I'm trying to accomplish. Why was I here? Where should I go from here? I had thought I had all these things figured out, but suddenly was feeling like I was doing everything wrong and like I wasn't where I should be. I started thinking about what I might be manifesting in my life, the things I've been focusing on, where my energy had been going. I progressed to start thinking about all the things I *wanted* to keep manifesting in my life. Why did I want these things? What was this yearning that I was feeling and how could I help it come out. It hit me like a freight train - I was reminded that really what I wanted to do here is spread love. I wasn't in the wrong place, I was in exactly the right place; because right where I am is where love is always needed. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, embracing life - feeling everything around me and trying to have a positive impact.

We all have these moments sometimes, because nothing in our lives necessarily comes out perfect. It takes a lot of work, it takes bringing that yearning in our hearts to fruition. So much so that it's all you can feel is this crazy radiant divinity meant to flow out of yourself and into the world. We all do this differently. The whole reason why I started this website, why I have this blog, is because one of my major outlets is my artwork. Jewelry - I send my pieces off hoping that they bring each and every wearer love and light. I want it to make them feel their inner divinity, to show them how, and express it in whatever way calls to their soul. What an amazing power we have - to inspire others. And the most magical part of the experience, at least to me, is that all we have to do is *want* to inspire them. All we have to do is intend and send those thoughts out into the world with whatever we are doing. This is true alchemy. This is true purpose. This is who we are.

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