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Posted by elenahuerta10 on June 21, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Some of the happiest moments in our lives can also breed some of the saddest simultaneously. Internally we have a wisdom; one which knows that life has a constant flow. Nothing remains the same. Not people, not feelings, not the environment, etc. It's just a fact of life that we and everything around us are constantly changing.

Sometimes in the midst of an ecstatically happy moment, we are hit with a sudden with an feeling of sadness that is just as overwhelming. We may not realize at the time, but this is just part of the experience of duality. Just as well, if we are in a moment of extreme sadness, we can be comforted by our inner knowing that the moment is only that and it will not last forever. It's best to embrace these as they come and let them go as we continue moving through the flow of our lives.

In 2013 I was nominated into RAW artists accessory designer of the year category for the organization. It was one of the most exhilerating moments in my career as an artist. At the same though, it was also the most frightening. With this event came a whole host of responsibility and hope - it was something I really wanted and while I was excited I also experienced boughts of disbelief and sadness. I wondered if I really deserved the title, what would happen if I didnt get it, what would happen if I did. I remember taking my daily walks around the neighborhood and through the forestry of the area, submersed in all these emotions and vowing that no matter what happened I would just keep going. I didn't want the emotions to waver me from staying on my path - because all of them were only temporary.

As it turned out I had an amazing time at the event and gained a lot of exposure, but another woman won the title for Portland and continued to the next round. I was happy for her however - my business was thriving and was just happy to have the experience really. I felt that she rightly won and needed to. Her work was gorgeous as well - handmade fae steampunk style leather accessories and clothing.

Just remember when you have those moments of feeling like life is just a complete mess - it kind of is. But that's just life. Things are always happening, changing, flowing; and it's not about *if* life goes on, but *when* and how we decide to handle it.

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