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For a Friend

Posted by elenahuerta10 on May 27, 2016 at 7:25 PM

I have this friend... and she inspired me to write this out of my love for her.

It's okay.
It's okay to be sad, to be angry, to be frustrated.
It's okay to take a break.
It's okay to experience the down times, just as much as the happy.
It's okay to express what you are feeling, and I love you for it.
It's okay to allow yourself to be human, and I love you even more.
It's okay to accept yourself as you are, and also have goals for the future.
It's okay to let go, to breathe, to enjoy the sound of the cool wind or sudden rain. Or to miss it when those things aren't there.
It's okay to enjoy both solitude and the company of others.
You can have BOTH.
You can have IT ALL.
Because you are a human being.
Your experience potential is infinite.
You are here because in the strokes of the moon and stars,
It was decided that you would manifest from the elements.
You are the epitome of creation.
You are the epitome of magic.
You are here.
Everything is okay while you are here.
It's okay to be okay, to not be okay, and be everything in between.

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