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The Progression of the Joey Bada$$ Style

Posted by elenahuerta10 on May 25, 2016 at 2:00 PM

One day in 2014, I remember this occasion distinctly, I had someone from Germany message me through my store about a rap artist they loved named Joey Bada$$. He described a necklace that he wore in one of his youtube videos: "Going Home". This necklace consisted of a Quartz Pyramid on top, with a Malachite and Tigers Eye charm hanging from a long post made from wire. The customer asked me if I could replicate this design. I looked at it, studied it, came up with a plan of action in my mind, and confirmed with the customer that indeed could make this necklace for him.

I created the piece nearly identical to the one Joey Bada$$ has. Then began a whole new journey...

Of course I posted about the replication, like I always do, as an example of how succinctly I can bring someone's vision to life. I very soon found myself receiving messages from other people asking me to recreate this design for them. It seemed like, for a while, I had hit on a trending item and was always working on one piece or another. So many in fact, that I added the design to my Etsy store as a "ready to puchase" option. As I begin to continue making them I found that because each piece is unique, making them all exactly the same would hold better for some than for others. I started to alter the wiring to be more secure and form fitting than the original Joey Bada$$ piece. As I continued to make them I also started receiving requests for the design on a smaller scale - and found that these were far less bulky and easier to wear. To this day I tend to make the design on a smaller scale, but of course am always happy to accomodate to what the customer would like.

The most recent design that I made was both bulky and substituted a raw Tiger's Eye in place of the usual tumbled stone.

I love that even though the basic design of this necklace is the same, each one is so similar and unique. That's the trademark of having something handmade though - you get something truly one of a kind!

I had also found that in the popularization of this style, I was receiving requests for the design with different stones! I have worked on some really fun and unique pieces over these past few years including some of the following:

Those are only a couple examples of course. I have continued to use this design layout with the wire post throughout my designs, when I feel inspired to, and always keep at least a few offerings listed in my Etsy store!

If you feel inspired, please check out what I haved in stock. You can also order the original Joey Bada$$ style piece there as well. :)

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