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Posted by elenahuerta10 on May 22, 2016 at 11:25 PM

Affirmations are one of the single most useful and effective tools for mental health. Seriously! Meditation gets a lot of hype, and while there are many forms of meditating usually everyone can find one they enjoy. It's so important to be present and listen to your thoughts, in order to recognize them. But then comes the question of - if you find out something that is bothering you, causing stress, etc. - how do you move out of it and let it go?

This is where the affirmations come in!

For example:

When I get frustrated with a single person. I can recognize this, and when I feel those feelings come up I can repeat to myself "Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have."


When I get anxious about going into a social situation, as I experienced today meeting some of my soon to be ex-in-laws for the first time, I can repeat to myself: "Everything is going to be okay." In this particular situation, it was more than okay. My son and I had a fantastic time.

So here's the course of action, and it can help tremendously with anxiety and depression as well to start taking these steps.

1. Tune into and recognize how you are feeling.

2. Accept it and validate these feelings as being ok.

3. Come up with an affirmation to move into a different emotional state.

In my metaphysical studies I have learned that chakras, energy centers, of the body are associated also with affirmations. In this way you can also use affirmations to clear up physical energy blocks. For example: the sacral chakra around the belly button is the center for creativity. If you are having stomach pain, repeating the affirmation "I am creative" can help to free up any energetic blocks that are beginning to manifest in your physical body.

Here are some simple affirmations to try for each chakra:

Crown (top of the head) - "I trust the universe."

Third Eye (forehead) - "I trust my intuition."

Throat (throat) - "I give myself and others permission to speak our truths."

Heart (chest) - "I allow myself to give and receive love."

Solar Plexus (ribcage)- "I am confident."

Sacral (belly button) - "I am creative."

Root (base of spine) - "I am safe."

These are very, very basic affirmations for those who are new to them - however I recommend experimenting with them and seeing how each makes you feel. There are also MANY more chakra points in the body depending on what kind of bodily energetics map you are looking at - these are the 7 basic points which I find people are most familiar with.

Enjoy! ❤️


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