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                                                by Elena


An Inspired Life

Posted by elenahuerta10 on June 23, 2016 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I had an experience today that was rather profound. I found myself questioning what it is that I am doing - what it is that I'm trying to accomplish. Why was I here? Where should I go from here? I had thought I had all these things figured out, but suddenly was feeling like I was doing everything wrong and like I wasn't where I should be. I started thinking about what I might be manifesting in my life, the things I've been focusing on, where my energy had been going. I progressed to start thinking about all the things I *wanted* to keep manifesting in my life. Why did I want these things? What was this yearning that I was feeling and how could I help it come out. It hit me like a freight train - I was reminded that really what I wanted to do here is spread love. I wasn't in the wrong place, I was in exactly the right place; because right where I am is where love is always needed. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, embracing life - feeling everything around me and trying to have a positive impact.

We all have these moments sometimes, because nothing in our lives necessarily comes out perfect. It takes a lot of work, it takes bringing that yearning in our hearts to fruition. So much so that it's all you can feel is this crazy radiant divinity meant to flow out of yourself and into the world. We all do this differently. The whole reason why I started this website, why I have this blog, is because one of my major outlets is my artwork. Jewelry - I send my pieces off hoping that they bring each and every wearer love and light. I want it to make them feel their inner divinity, to show them how, and express it in whatever way calls to their soul. What an amazing power we have - to inspire others. And the most magical part of the experience, at least to me, is that all we have to do is *want* to inspire them. All we have to do is intend and send those thoughts out into the world with whatever we are doing. This is true alchemy. This is true purpose. This is who we are.

For a Friend

Posted by elenahuerta10 on May 27, 2016 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I have this friend... and she inspired me to write this out of my love for her.

It's okay.
It's okay to be sad, to be angry, to be frustrated.
It's okay to take a break.
It's okay to experience the down times, just as much as the happy.
It's okay to express what you are feeling, and I love you for it.
It's okay to allow yourself to be human, and I love you even more.
It's okay to accept yourself as you are, and also have goals for the future.
It's okay to let go, to breathe, to enjoy the sound of the cool wind or sudden rain. Or to miss it when those things aren't there.
It's okay to enjoy both solitude and the company of others.
You can have BOTH.
You can have IT ALL.
Because you are a human being.
Your experience potential is infinite.
You are here because in the strokes of the moon and stars,
It was decided that you would manifest from the elements.
You are the epitome of creation.
You are the epitome of magic.
You are here.
Everything is okay while you are here.
It's okay to be okay, to not be okay, and be everything in between.

"Tree People"

Posted by elenahuerta10 on February 14, 2013 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I always knew that the
Truth of our Love would
Be far beyond belief

Feelings so strong
It didn't take long
For them to truly be seen

Now, with a thought
The whole world is brought
And stands right before my eyes

Connected by something so great
Where time has no say
In this space we always remain

Happy Valentines Day!

Painting, "Tree People" by Elena

A simple, yet beautiful representation of the synchronicity that is life.
16 x 20 canvas, available for purchase. $60 open to trade and bartering.


Posted by elenahuerta10 on February 7, 2013 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Down, Down a rabbit hold

I thought there was ground

But there was more


Letting go of all I knew

Or so I "thought"

What is really true?


Honing in on what I feel

It's constant pull

Is all that is real


Who am I to discern?

Who am I to be stern?

Who am I to...

      Who am I?


The truth is,

   All I know is what I feel

Instilled in me by something

   Far greater, guiding this matrix

In which I am but a pawn


~ I surrender ~


To you blessed pulling


Many want control

   Of our lives

   Of each other

   Of circumstance

But WHY?!

Do we not believe, the desires we so admire are also a part of this same seemingly chaotically organized system of everything?


Are we afraid to surrender?

And intent on creating?

On the grounds that we are separate from the very system which created



These thoughts, Illusion!

The realest thing ever felt, is the feeling that something is real

And not the thought of it being really, but the feeling.



Beauty's Reflection

Posted by elenahuerta10 on February 2, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We are but reflection
Of beauty’s continuous resurrection
Itself in all things.

Light like the wind
And still like the trees
Realities existing in us simultaneously.

Let be
Let be
And we will see
All life is loving harmony.

A song that is sung
Which never ends
Where one verse closes
Another begins
This is the beauty of the
                infinite that is us.

Elena Huerta
February 2nd, 2013


Along we Walk

Posted by elenahuerta10 on February 2, 2013 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Along we walk dear
Down this street
Gazing up
At the infinity that lay
In the vision of our mind’s eye

So close
But seemingly far.
How to explain
This wonder that tickles
the depths of our soul?

And to these depths
There is no end!
Deeper, surrender,
This tickle of wonder
Is us together
The flowing rivers
The towering trees
All in perfect harmony

This beauty guides us
As if with a map
Sight only guesses
For we are revealed
                but two steps
As our internal flame
Lights us as we walk

Elena Huerta
February 2nd, 2013


One Long Night

Posted by elenahuerta10 on January 24, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

It came as quickly as it went
This great emotion, this great remembrance
I knew this month it would be different
I knew it would be deeper
But it wasn't until I was submersed in the events
That I actually realized what was happening.

Cleansing, feeling, letting go
Of all those years of ill health
Empathizing with myself
And being thankful for what I have now.

Sitting with this feeling
Re-learning to give to myself
Re-learning to listen to my body
Re-learning to surrender
Into this surrender..
Without judgement
Learning to let go
And let it flow
In whatever way
That was calling me.

Thoroughly here|
Thoroughly now
In this state of vulnerability
In this state of recognition
In this state of fear
And then giving in to the knowing
For even the tiniest drop of water
For even the slight brush of a hand
And in this Gratitude
Was found healing
And the ability to let go
And just BE

Upon waking gazing into the eyes of Love
As if it all was a dream
And in some sense, it really was.

*Picture found on Google*


Posted by elenahuerta10 on January 15, 2013 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

If you slow down
For just one minute
You may find
That everything is in it

Messages, signs
Abundantely around
And truly a miracle
That you are here now

Each cell of your body
Calls out for love
To fuel the existance
To which creation hugs

To be here
To be now
Is beautiful