Ecofriendly and
Inspiring Artwork
by Elena
Custom Wire Wraps,
Stones, and Healing
Crystals  Your trusted source for 
custom hand made jewelry and custom wire wraps

                             Ecofriendly, Inspirational Art
                                                by Elena

Custom Jewelry that is as Unique as you are!

7 Chakra Pendant Sets

Available to order are full chakra pendant sets which include:

- 7 interchangeable pendants, one attuned to each major chakra
- 2 chains of choice
- A folder containing the metaphysical information on each of the crystals used in the pendants and a "poem of intention" for each pendant
- Reiki charging and attunement ceremony for the crystal pendants

Simple Sustainable Copper Pendant Set
1 Stone Pendants: $160
2 Stone Pendants: $195

3 Stone Pendants: $230

The pricing is based on the number of crystals used, type of design, time, and wire (or hemp) material for each pendant. Payment plans are available.