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Healing Crystal Index

These descriptions I compile based on an inclusive amount of research every time I receive a "new to me" stone! I wanted to make this information accessible to everyone, along with an example of the work I have done with each. Enjoy! :)


~love, beauty, gentleness, caring, comfort, peacefulness, delight, solace, sand, water.
~Psychic development and intuition
~Cleansing offering and prayers~Arthritis joints heart and digestion
~Build and protect muscle issues
~Hearing disorders, calcium deficiencies, and in dysfunctions of the spinal canal and nervous system. It can assist in healing the breaks in the skeletal structure and has been useful in enhancing the assimilation of Vitamins A and D


~Lower intensity/slower vibrations
~Supports retreat and spiritualization
~Encourages conscious digesting of experiences
~Spiritual maturity/growth, inner stability, sense of reality
~Protection dissolving internal tension and better resist external influence
~Enhance concentration
~Helps practicality
~Balance aura and energetic bodies
~Harmonizing and stabilize health
~Helps with issues in layered tissues and eyes, gastritis, stomach ulcers, bladder, intestine, infection and uterus
~Stimulate digestion/elimination, strengthen blood
~Holly blue agate: communication and spiritualization of mental attitudes. Helps us to verbalize feelings and realize that to teach is to learn. Promotes ease and aids headaches.

~Emotional healing and forgiveness
~Carries the secrets of ancient Egyptian Pyramids
~Aids mental clarity
~Eases anxiety and brings clarity
~Assists creativity
~Spiritually pleasing
~Centering of self
~Useful for connecting to the Earth and higher frequencies

(Pink Alabaster and Blue Amazonite)

~Assists communication and harmony
~Awakens compassion
~Helps to view all perspectives
~Dream stone; self-examination through dreams
~Manifest dreams and desires by magnifying intentions
~Reminds of the power of spoken word
~Clarity of thought and emotion
~Assists with setting boundaries for self or others
~Good for cell regeneration, arthritis, gout, thyroid, adrenals
~Prevents hair loss and repairs brittle nails
~Soothing to nervous system
~Eliminates worries and fears
~Carry for general health maintenance

~Psychic protection
~Sense of health and healing
~Balances emotions and clears mind for manifestation
~Helps clear stress and phobias

~Resonates with many different energies and creates harmony
~Calm nerves and enliven disposition
~Historically used for ceremony and royalty
~Enhancement of unconditional love

~Contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic and healing agent. Warms against the body and is absorbed through the skin, helping with pain relief

Amber (Honey) Calcite

~?stone of the mind?
~Vibration of highest Love and integrity

~Radiates a person or room with positive energy
~Amplifies energy and psychic abilities
~Increase confidence in self and the universe

~Eases challenges accompanying change

~Release lack of confidence, old belief patterns, and thoughts of scarcity

~Used for kidneys, bladder, feminine issues, immune system support of all kinds, teething in babies, and childbirth


~Calming and purifying improving temperament and alleviating addictions and addictive behavior (&OCD); Reduces anger, violent tendencies, calms passion
~Boosts self-esteem and skills in decision-making, public speaking, and negotiation helping cope with responsibility, nervousness, tension and over sensitivity
~Supports emotional energy and aids mental balance
~Promotes flow and moving forward in life; Helps rid of pain and tension
~Good for circulation, heart, immunity, blood clots, fighting infection, cancer. Good for hormones, stomach, liver, pineal, pituitary, endocrine glands, skin, bones, teeth, hearing, balance, posture, and stress response systems. Aids detoxing, headaches, migraines, acne, asthma, ME, arthritis
~Enhances energy levels and connection the physical world; Stimulates desire to live life from an objective and experiential perspective
~Encourages spiritual wakefulness; Promotes sense of justice and honesty; Stimulates higher mind and brain function
~Helps to clarify inner and dream images; Bestows inspiration and intuition
~Reminds of co-creative ability and reveals self-destructive patterns and experiences that have led to manifestation at a physical level

Ammonite Fossil
~Health, prosperity, good luck
~Harmony of the elements
~Resembles a ram horn: Egyptians viewed to have magical and holy powers
~Give stability and structure to life
~Direct negativity to smoothly flowing energy
~Assist childbirth, depression, and instincts
~Symbol of the higher forces of the universe

Andes Glass (Green Lechatelierite)
~Stimulates leadership qualities, stability, and sudden progress
~Align energetic and physical bodies
~Treatment of uncommon growths, muscles, and tissues
~Assimilation of experiences
~Facilitates communication
~Transparency of self

Angel Aura Quartz
~Also referred to as Opal Aura, Rainbow Aura, or Pearl Aura
~Created by vacuum fusing platinum and/or silver crystals to Quartz
~Said to protect, balance, and energize the aura
~Stimulates creativity and inspiration

~Gently raises Kundalini energy and aids one in finding their spiritual path
~Aids communication with Angelic Realms, Higher Self, and Intuition
~Associated with the crown chakra
~Can be used to access past lives
~Signifies hope and optimism, romance and love
~May be used for enhancing organ function, boosting the immune system, and general health


~Raises conscious awareness
~Represent peace and brotherhood
~Protective and balancing
~Encourages forgiveness and enhances telepathy
~Helps speak truth and nurture tranquility
~Opens to spiritual inspiration


Apache Tear

~Grounding & protection from negative energies
~Link with emotions; cleanse and heal, uncover and release blocks
~Protection; psychic attunement to feel danger
~Magnetize and neutralize disharmony
~Connecting with sacred elements of physical realm
~Purifying meridians and chakras
~Can aid in finding joy and spiritual value in physical experience and see all levels of vibration ?of the light?
~Increase connection to all realms
~Regulate fire energies and open value of stillness
~Strengthen blood and immune system, calm fever and lend vitality and strength/stamina, hair and nail growth
~Point out value in this life
~Assist in countering negativity and fins positive thoughts to create reality with

~Attuning to higher frequencies; Communication device
~Intuition and prophecy
~Awakening awareness of unconditional love
~Enhances remote viewing
~Infusing entire aura and body with light frequency; Helps understand disease
~Offers renewed vision for manifestation; Return to spiritual path after difficulty
~Develop faith and trust in Divine; Recognize and act on truth

Aqua Aura Quartz

~Sweetness of Spirit
~Balances, clears, aligns, and energizes all chakras
~Attunement to beauty
~Help become beacon of inner beauty, peace, and spiritual awareness
~Activates communication of experience and insights
~Opens awareness and communication with angels


~Aligns chakras
~Enhance psychic powers
~Aids communication of higher vibration
~Assists in taking responsibility for one?s actions
~Harmonizes with the zodiac Pieces


~Soothing and energizing
~Opening and cleansing of energy field
~Encourages expression of energy in physical form
~Assists emotional growth and self-healing
~Assists in finding heart?s energy
~Grounding and assimilation of higher vibrations
~Ability to see the value of experience objectively

Arkansas Quartz

~Very clear variety of quartz
~Raises one?s vibration quickly
~Only found in Arkansas
~Many are found on Mt. Ida, Arkansas: ?The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World?
~Facilitate flow of energy

~Channel: help with any condition

~Dispel negativity, re-energize ?zest? for life

~Helps all conditions, pain, discomfort, malaise, low energy, ME, ear problems, diabetes, MS

~Balance heart, spine, weight loss

~Energy amplification, programmability and memory

~Heightened spiritual awareness

~Telepathy and psychic vision

~Stimulates nerves, fingernail growth and help to remove adhesion in connective tissue


~Stone of prosperity
~Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness
~Promotes compassion and empathy
~Encourages perseverance
~Stabilizes one?s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity
~Aids in seeing alternatives and possibilities
~Calms anger and irritation
~Promotes feelings of well-being
~Balances male-female energy
~Encourages regeneration of the heart
~Protects against environmental pollution


~Stimulates communication, creativity, and inspiration
~Opens the inner sight; Intuition
~Promotes a healthy examination of one?s life
~Helps to uncover hidden abilities and talents
~Honesty and self-awareness

(Green/Blue Azurite and Pink Alabaster)

Ba Ba Opal Quartz
~Activation of potential
~Balances chakra system for health and vitality
~Connect physical and astral bodies
~Rejuvenating, peaceful, connecting
~Aids in seeing beauty within and in nature
~Constant awareness of love
~Provide permanence in relationships
~Stimulates self-approval and non-judgmental attitudes
~Maintains energy levels

Black Jade
~Clears attachments, a powerful protection stone
~Facilitates productive use of emotions
~Release of trauma
~Useful for shamanic journeys
~Helps one to assess limitations and integrate self

Black Kyanite
~Aligns and clears all chakras
~Calming and tranquil
~Stimulates and grounds communications
~Induces perseverance
~Provides stimulations for completing projects
~Connects to intuition and love

Black Obsidian

~Boost intuition, creativity, psychic abilities, awareness
~Protective, grounding, male energy

~Stomach, digestion

~Help to see shadow to integrate

~Dissolve shock, fear, blocks trauma

~Improve circulation and dissolve shock; bleeding and healing

~Remove energetic attachments and clean auric field

Black Onyx
~Stone of self-mastery
~Encourages happiness and good fortune
~Provides inner and physical strength, confidence
~Base chakra grounding and protection
~Cools high emotions and overactive energy for focus and action
~Centers one in their greater abilities
~Great for choosing best career path
~Commonly used as a sobriety stone or during high stress situations

(Black Onyx and Moonstone)

Black Star Sapphire

~Confidence in intuition
~Grounding and centering; calmness and strength in stress or chaos
~Dispels doubt, anxiety, and sorrow
~Protective of the clairvoyant, mediums, and against radiation
~Talisman for financial independence
~Star represents manifestation of Divine qualities in daily life; angels of faith, hope, and destiny
~Manifestation of ideas
~Excellent for artists and creatives
~Focus of healing work
~Used for throat problems, fever, nose bleeds, cardiovascular health, endocrine support, burns, and tuberculosis

Black Tourmaline

~Psychic protection for those with challenging circumstances
~Keep auric field clear of imbalance

~Transmute and purify negative energy to be useful

~Grounding in harmony with Earth?s magnetic field

~Disengage from obsessive or compulsive thoughts, actions, beliefs

~Release chronic worry and anxiety

(Black Tourmaline and Quartz)


~Dispelling negative influences from the aura field and restores balance
~Grounds fully, gives strength, determination, and endurance

~Assist in facing physical realities

~Allow to look unflinchingly at truth

~Red spots said to be spots of Christ?s blood, stimulates Christ Consciousness

~Strengthens root charka helps dispel sluggishness; Increase zest for living

~Provide emotional support; assists best path of action; ?spiritual warrior?

~Trust in divine, overcome loneliness, and find inner strength

~Works with all types of blood illnesses and bone marrow; bone marrow and endocrine systems; anemia; feminine side hormone imbalances


Blue Calcite
~Calming and soothing; for frayed nerves; amplifies learning
~Amplifies energy in communication and thought;

~Enhancing of decision making and lessens anxiety and refocuses toward optimism

~throat, lungs, tonsillitis, thyroid, arthritis, joints, and high blood pressure; throat chakra and third eye

~Distance healing work; Stone for students and academics for memory and concentration

~Calming to psychic energies; Inspire creativity and enhance dreams

Blue Aventurine

~Self-discipline and inner strength and decision making
~Changing problematic habits and taking responsibility

~Psychic and intuitive abilities surface

~Become comfortable with self

~Encourage to speak higher wisdom and empower communication

~Protect from negative energy for sensitive; aid to heal susceptibility and strengthen

~Cooling/ soothing to auric field and nervous system

~Balance hyperactivity, concentration

~Relieve victim patterns, accept responsibility

~Teaches how actions affect experience

~Vision and inspired ideas

~Balance hormones, spasms, health blood, oxygenation


Blue Lace Agate

~Assists communication of truth and experience
~Clarity of thought and unwavering intent

~Enhancement of loyalty and trustworthiness


Blue Tiger?s Eye

~Helps get through difficult phases in life with courage
~Balances moods during stress, Calming
~Helps retain objective viewpoint
~Sharpens mind and intuition
~Helps eliminate worry, depression, and anxiety
~Grounding and centering
~Carries the frequency of creation
~Dispels duality
~Carries you through the layers of experience to see objectively
~Aids communication of experience

(Right: Blue and Brown Striped Tiger's Eye)


~1,2,3 chakras
~Life force, sexual and creative energies and assertive will
~Confidence, courage, passion and power
~Connection to physical self, personal power
~?take a leap? and dedicate to a new path
~Enhance life force and expression
~Helps take action toward manifestation of dreams with focus
~Detoxing from drugs, breaking negative of hurtful physical habits, imporved health
~Balance sex organs
~Helps to see link between dis-ease and emotions
~Boost appetite, vitality, memory, digestion, gallbladder, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, thyroid gland, spine, tissue regeneration, voice and speech. Helps asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, neuralgia, the common cold, infection, and liver conditions

(Orange Carnelian and Black/Pink Rhodonite)

~Promotes brotherhood and goodwill
~Aids in releasing negative energy
~Instills feelings of generosity
~Transforms sadness into joy
~Helps one to be confident in theirself
~Creates openness and enthusiasm
~Historically used in cases of dementia and to heal the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulation. Helps absorb minerals.


~Powerful emanation of the purple ray
~Cleansing, protection, healing of old patterns
~Healing fear based physical ailments
~Merge heart and crown chakra energies
~Increasing synchronicities
~Activates inner knowledge, opening the inner eye
~Grounds and focuses attention, overcoming resistance
~Aids one in self-knowledge
~Helps assimilate higher frequency vibrations

Chlorite Quartz
~One of the most powerful healing combinations available; for any ailment
~Grounds energies and emotions with the Earth
~Powerful purifier for the energetic and chakra systems
~Psychic protection and useful for clearing/cleansing space
~Connect with higher vibrations and spiritual guides
~Helpful for detoxing and mineral absorption
~Heart Chakra energy of love, compassion, and growth
~Aids a person in seeing their spiritual nature
~Vibrates to the number 1 in numerology: independence, initiative, will power, determination, leadership

Chocolate (Phantom) Quartz

~Increases optimism
~Grounds ones spiritual beliefs into physical world
~Aids security
~Allows one to look past darkness to see the light
~Alleviates feeling of grief and loss
~Assists one in bringing together humanity to heal
~Redemption and Earth healing
~Stimulates creativity and growth
~Represents transformation
~Seeing through illusions to see the truth
~Knowledge of how to return to/keep on one?s path

(Green Aventurine and Chocolate Phantom Quartz)


~Helps heal ?broken heart? by relieving guilt and negative emotion
~Promote creativity and female sexuality

~Release tension, phobias and stressful situations

~Digestion, joints, metabolism, thyroid, menstruation, pancreas

~Reduce period pain and PMS and healthy fetus

~Fever reducer, blood pressure reduction, muscles, RLS, high blood pressure

~Balanced nature (neutrality) and self-awareness, motivation

~Detox and fortify liver; infections

~Emanates gentleness and power; stimulate throat for speaking and learning inner wisdom from heart

~Facilitate empathetic connection to earth consciousness

~Facilitate flow and dispel fire energies; communication

~Teaches how sound effects reality

~Assists in releasing sarcasm, criticism, and facetiousness and associated fear

~Release stress, anxiety, fear based imbalance


~Attract higher vibrational experiences into daily life
~Opens and activates heart; infusing self with universal love
~Grace, compassion, and deep relaxation; good for meditation
~Brings hope and breaks cycles
~Helps with grieving
~Helps with heart, increases dexterity and Vitamin C. Also good for fertility, reproduction, and associated organs
~A stone of peace; acceptance of self and experience
~Facilitates release into the flow of life


~Abundance on all levels; ?money stone?
~Helps to make choices and decisions in light of higher self

~Boosts energy and creativity

~Eliminate emotional toxins

~Recovery from disease or surgery

~Improves eyesight and aura


Cobra Jasper

~Helps us to realize that we are all part of the whole, no one is separate
~Gives confidence in taking the next step in one's true path

~Enable knowledge that sometimes what others feel is right for us, in fact, may not be healthy for our spirit
~Helps balance energies between members of the opposite sex, balances and clears all Chakra's and removes energy blocks
~Balances both highly energized people and those who may be too mellow

~Counselor's and therapist's stone

~Calming and nurturing stone that can help alleviate anger and bring contentment and order out of chaos

~Good tool for organization

~Helpful in dealing with mental disorders because of these traits

~A very protective stone, particularly in cases of hospitalization

(Cobra Jasper and Green Calcite)

 Crazy Lace Agate
~Called the ?laughter stone? or ?happy lace?
~Promotes inner stability and maturity
~Provides an energy of warming self-confidence and ability to accept one for who they are
~Balancing and protecting
~Absorbs emotional pain
~Helps with mental focus and decision making
~Good luck
~Harmonize yin and yang
~Links to collective consciousness and awareness of oneness
~Assimilation of life experiences


~Enhances intuition, creativity, and sexuality
~A transition stone
~Stimulates recovery from physical, mental, or emotional distress
~Full expression of self, awakening to potential and purpose
~Feeling of empowerment
~Enhances manifestation
~Encourages a courageous and heroic heart


~Helpful for problems in physical domain
~Pure root chakra energy; eliminate issues, irrational anxiety, fear of mortality, unconscious terror associated with past trauma
~Awaken kundalini energies; helpful for those who feel they are ?low energy? (wellspring can be used to replenish)
~Offers vibrational support to lung dysfunction, circulation difficulties, prostate/bowel issues, sex organ issues
~Activates Goddess energy
~Conception; conception of creative ideas
~Alchemy; carries Divine from inner to outer worlds
~Receptive; move within to connect to potential
~Embodies birth/death; good for rite of passage
~Step out of past to be reborn



~Open to powerful life energy with awareness of higher consciousness and communication clear with inner wisdom
~Blends yin/yang
~Help attain ability to move forward on spiritual path while having grace allowing expression, kindness and compassion

Dalmation Jasper
~Allows one to move forward and discover their purpose
~Aids trust of others and universe
~Brings sense of joy and playfulness
~Spiritual grounding and psychic protection
~Regulate sleep patterns
~Provides stamina for tasks at hand
~Letting go of things that no longer serve
~Healing of the blood and immune systems

~Facilitates deep change
~Leave the past behind
~Relief of stress and worry
~Promotes restful sleep, lucid dreams, angelic communication, openness to the divine, and karmic cleansing
~Brings a positive outlook on life
~Connects the heart to the upper chakras
~Feelings of elation
~Good for those focused on mental academics
~Reconnection and balance
~Twin is especially healing for relationships and associated trauma

Desert Rose Selenite
~Brings clarity and calmness of mind
~Peace and tranquility
~Connection with love
~Awareness of conscious self
~Used for scrying and astral projection
~Provides flexibility

(Right: Turquoise and Desert Rose Selenite with a tree "Monopoly" piece)

Dinosaur Coprolite (Poop)
~ Fossilized dinosaur poop
~ Over time, most of the composition is agatized: replaced by agate crystals. This leads to the brilliant color formations.
~ Organic stone
~ Protective; Helps the wearer feel safe from harm
~ Useful for helping one let go of fear-based illusions of monsters, demons, and dieties
~ Helps one let go of fear-based negativity, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of living.
~ Brings an optimistic viewpoint on life
~ Creates an organized and harmonious home environment
~ Aids feelings of security in the midst of awareness of the cycles of life
~ Physically may be used for atrophied muscles, bone strengthening, and disorders of the hands and feet
~ Good for nurturing telepathic links to ancient times, plants, and animals

~Awakens universal love and compassion
~Healing emotions and support during emotionally associated transition
~Heart stone
~Awareness of abundance and beauty in life
~Live in the moment and release karma
~Encourages living a full life, and letting go of things which do not serve
~Truth in relationships
~High vibration; rapid response in manifestation
~Releasing need to control

(Dragonfly Mermaid Choker with a dangle Dioptase/Vanadanite wirewrapped charm)


~Helps to heal the emotional heart
~Purest emanation of Green Ray (Heart Energy)

~Attune to vibration of abundance (ability to receive gifts of Spirit within all of life?s experience)

~Clears victimization and rejection of personal power

~Nurtures compassion and acceptance

~Re-instills faith in the Divine providing for needs



~Stone for circulation
~Bring more of what you emanate; Programmable
~Attunement with nature and healing
~Spiritual growth; catalyst for change
~Hopeful optimism; Raise vibration
~Clear congestion and blocks; release stagnant energy
~Grounding; Connect with earth energies
~Increases personal power

Fairy Quartz
~A type of spirit quartz
~Brings peace and calm to those in it?s field
~Beneficial for emotional pain or illness
~Brings heightened energy
~Great for meditation
~Detoxifies body and tissues; removes pain; overall healing
~Vibration of universal love
~Heighten metaphysical abilities
~Energetic and auric cleansing
~Alignment with high vibrational energies
~Integration of and acceptance of self
~Contentment with the flow of life
~May intensify and increase dreaming if placed under the pillow at night

Fire Agate

~Awakens lower chakras and fills with zest for living
~Lights life force, creativity, sexuality and will
~Aids to come fully into body
~Manifest Divine consciousness through action
~Overcoming artistic blocks
~Treats poor circulation, lethargy, lack of energy, depression
~Grounding and revitalizing; enhance security
~Increase in passion for living
~Digestive efficiency, fertility

Fire Opal

~Strengthens will to live
~Enhances personal power
~Awakens inner fire
~Enhances protection
~Symbol of hope
~Bring happy dreams
~Facilitating change and progress
~Supports through emotional turmoil
~Releasing and letting go of the past
~Clearer imagination
~Energy amplifier
~Good for elemental channeling
~Improving circulation


~?Psychic vacuum cleaner? for unnecessary thoughts and ideas stuck in auric field
~Stimulates clarity of mind
~Purple: purification and access of the mind to domains of Spirit
~Black: ultimate astral cleanser
~Yellow: Magnifies metal powers and enhances intellectual ability
~Green: cleanse and heal the heart chakra and conjoin plans of mind to heart
~Pink: cleanses and heals emotional body
~Blue: throat chakra and communication of one?s ideas
~Helps to choose and walk path
~Bring focus and overcoming fear of future
~Helps to think through feelings


~Also called ?Muscovite Mica?
~Found mainly in Brazil, but also Russia and India
~Particularly good for Healers
~Helpful for those who try to save others from their own behaviors when it may be more beneficial to let the person take control of their own health
~Helps one to look after their own needs
~Access information of the universal mind via intuition
~Helps one to stand their mental and emotional ground


~Enhance truth, faith, and consistency
~Classical stone of crisis and extreme difficulty
~Helps cope with everyday problems, self-realization, and shared survival; Encourages hope and trust; Endurance
~Self-confidence and character; Helps say goodbye; Fortifies regeneration
~Circulation and blood disorders; fortify blood and circulation


Garnet (Andradite Grossular)
~Stimulates creativity, psychic vision, and relationship development
~Realigns energy fields of the body
~Aids loving responses, cooperative efforts, fertility, and regeneration
~Assimilation of Vitamin A, circulation, and blood disorders
~A potent prosperity stone
~Classical stone of crisis and extreme difficulty

Golden Sheen Obsidian
~Increases ability to create reality
~Bring forward inner talents
~Aligns power and action with Divine will
~Acts as a communication channel
~Aids Earth healing work, vehicle for gazing
~Allows beauty to come forth from the internal self
~Provides insight for fulfillment of primal needs

~Vitality, drive, ambition
~Sacral chakra; Creative energy
~Encourages a positive attitude
~Reduces stomach tension and arthritis; Aids circulation
~Manmade; type of glittery glass; created when alchemists were trying to recreate gold
~Contains copper
~Master healer; helpful in sending healing energy
~Stabilizing emotions
~Highly protective
~Encourages goal-setting and hard work

Green Calcite

~Vibration of compassion and peace
~Emotional and mental balance
~Instills knowing of ?this too shall pass?
~Dissolve old energy patterns
~Supportive during times of transition
~Energy amplifier and cleanser
~Stone during mental adjustments and disagreements

Green Quartz
~All properties of quartz
~Opens and stimulates the heart chakra
~Promotes intuitive capability and Love
~Transforms negative into positive without being released into atmosphere
creativity, attracting success, prosperity and abundance.
~Prasiolite aids the endocrine glands, helping to keep the body balanced.

Green Tourmaline
~ Stimulates happiness and joy
~Connection, carrying the vibration of Gaia and Earth
~Understanding of plant and animal kingdoms
~Strong healing capacity
~Enhances visualization and creative abilities
~Aids personal manifestation of abundance
~Assists herbal remedies

(Green Capped Tourmaline)

~Derived from the botanical name for gooseberry
~Stone of health
~Distributes disharmony within the body
~Great for grounding and emotional wellbeing
~Aids those who seek to be of service
~Helpful to meditate with for fertility and assimilation of Vitamin A
~Useful to have during mental and/or emotional challenges; especially lawsuits
~Teaches relaxation and going with the flow of life

Growth Interference Quartz

~Facilitate assimilation of higher vibrations
~Brings understanding of progression
~Holds infinite possibilities
~Incarnation of enlightenment
~Silencing inner dialogue; living in meditation
~Celebrate uniqueness and imperfection
~Trigonic: Among the most powerful for self-transformation-center of awareness from head to heart


~Absorb unnecessary energy and calm stress
~Carry for protection and grounding
~Help find gifts and release limitations
~Boost confidence
~Integration of heightened energies
~Detoxifying and balancing

(Metallic Hematite, Red Jasper, and Quartz)

Hematite Quartz
~Facilitates flow of mental and physical energy
~Aid?s one in reaching beyond perceived limitations
~Balances energies
~Assists focus of energies and emotions
~Helps to attain a calm, grounded, meditative state
~Aligns spine, blood systems, and sleep patterns
~Channel energy for healing
~Program with intentions

(Black Apache Tear and Hematite Quartz)

Herkimer Diamond
~Brings one?s energy to highest vibration possible while still being in the physical body
~Found in Herkimer, New York
~Aids psychic abilities, spontaneity, and ability to convert energy
~Amplifies energy of other crystals, harmonizes
~Enhance natural gifts and talents
~Zodiac: Libra and Scorpio birthstone
~Helpful in the realm of dreams
~Boosts immune system and powers of perception
~Healing from physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional environmental influence

Honey Onyx
~ Balancing and grounding
~ Absorbs and eases intense emotions and associated situations
~ Encourages thoughtfulness
~ One of the best stone assistants for birthing
~Traditionally carved into Cameos and Chess pieces
~ Turns one?s attention inward; Strengthens willpower
~ A type of quartz, created when it is formed through naturally occurring rock precipitation a cold mineral spring
~ Calms sexuality
~ Spiritual inspiration

(Honey Onyx Birthing Stick)


~Emotional expression and calm communication
~Promotes action and achievement; Good for studies
~Good for immune system and pain relieving
~Reduces stress, selfishness, and anger

(Dyed Howlite - normally white)

~Stimulates the heart and crown chakras
~Aids visualization and access to ancient knowledge
~Unlocks dreams and other dimensions
~Inner peace, love, and balance
~Soft energy, high vibration
~Aids weight loss and grieving
~Synchronizes both sides of the brain
~Access to Divine guidance
~Develop psychic abilities

Jade (Nephrite)

~Serenity, tranquility
~Increased love and nurturing
~Soothes the mind
~Stimulates ideas and dreams
~Emotional release
~Encourages self-expression and self-healing
~Aids filtration, elimination, and detox of body
~Assists fertility and childbirth
~Attracts luck and friendship

(Brown Tiger's Eye, Quartz, and Green Jade)                (Green Jade and Aqua Aura Quartz)

~Slow and consistent, planetary energy; Supreme Nurturer
~Celebrate moments of isolation
~Enhances the mind
~Align all chakras; different varieties may be stronger
~Encourages one to bring joy to others
~Powerful protection stone
~May be found all over the world in almost any color
~Energies of grounding and prosperity
~Useful for agriculture and astral travel

~Brings beauty into life and less than desirable situations
~Balances yin/yang energies
~Peace and relaxation
~Aids cycle endings, healing grief, and emotional trauma


~Aid in interacting with the force of elements and protector
~Shakti: fiery direction into force of will
~Neutralizer of negative energies; purification of aura
~Access ancient memories
~Shows what we most need to clear in ourselves in order to bring more of our Light
~Entering and exploring the void of creation
~Clears field of energetic attachments and patterns

(Jet and Quartz)


Kyanite (Common Blue)

~Storm element
~Communication aid; psychic abilities
~Align all chakras, release blocks to bring tranquility
~Aids connection to guides and promote dream recall and understanding
~Increases mental stamina, balance, and awareness; lucid dreaming, telepathy
~Throat & vocal quality; benefits muscles, urological system, glands and brain
~Creates pathways of energy to overcome and realize mental, emotional blocks that prevent you from spiritually progressing; shift perception
~Assist in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other communication between disharmonious people
~Allow disparate energies to find common frequency
~Transmitter of energy between being
~Clear energy field and create shield for psychic/healing work
~Mandates action on intuitive guidance
~Bridge gaps caused by bone breakage, surgery, intrusive trauma; ideal for creating neural pathways and healing from trauma, seizure, and stroke

(Clear Quartz with Blue Kyanite Charm)

~Connection to the source of unconditional love
~Projects a sense of deep peace
~Can be used to go into a meditative state
~Used for centering and enhancing creativity
~Stone of romantic love and communication of love
~Aids healing of heartaches
~Promotes self love
~Strengthens energy field
~Helps extroverts focus on introspection
~Aligns the Heart chakra with the Throat and Third Eye centers
~Strengthens circulation, aids depression and anxiety


~Gemstone of magic (mental and intuitive abilities), and coincidence control
~Disconnect from tendency to want to control others
~Bond with knowledge of self-mastery
~Awareness of multiple layers of reality
~Strength and unity beyond duality
~Highly protective
~Aids manifestation of that which is for the highest good of all


Lapis Lazuli

~Bestow wisdom, honesty, reveals inner truth; Allows to be self and liberates from compromises or holding back
~Encourages self-awareness, dignity, honesty, and uprightness. Helps to enjoy other?s company and convey feelings and emotions if necessary
~Helps to confront and accept truth while expressing opinion; Good for conflict
~Heals neck, larynx, and vocal cords (particularly anger associated); Lowers BP, regulates thyroid and lengthens menstruation
~Promotes balance; enhance all psychic abilities, intuition, and natural skills; Path of self knowledge
~Boosts mental endurance, relieve insomnia
~Immune system and vitality; Benefits bones and bone marrow (repair of fractures), throat, thymus, thyroid gland, and Eustachian tubes; Helps dizziness, vertigo, hearing loss and backache; Detoxing
~Meditation with the stone can recall past memories and access Akashic records to assist current incarnation

(Orange Carnelian and Blue Lapis Lazuli)

Landscape Jasper
~Used to retrieve hidden messages from the past
~Harmony and protection
~Creativity and understanding of other cultures
~Helps with business persuits
~Powerful solar plexus energy, willpower and strength
~Bring hidden thoughts, grievances, hopes and fears to the surface
~Good for immunity as well as kidney and skin disorders


~Sea and sky energy; cooling
~Stimulates a pleasant atmosphere
~Aids overcoming fears and unresolved issues
~Promotes communication and ?voice of wisdom?
~Antidote to emotional extremes, stress, and heat related disorders of the immune system and blood
~Assists self-healing and recognition of one?s capabilities
~Excellent for pregnant or new mothers; also those bringing their ideas and intentions to life
~Teaches respect, love, and nurturing
~Brings feelings of empowerment and purpose

Lava Rock
~Associated with the solar plexus energy center
~Starts as molten lava and forms into rock
~Powerful for any of the fire zodiac signs, connects them to the earth: Physical embodiment of fire
~Aids swift action to manifest long sought after goals
~Encourages passion, strength, power
~A good stone for those who feel timid or weak
~Strengthens ties to the earth

Lemon Chrysoprase

~Aids one in leaping into a new direction for their life
~Opens one to their artistic talents
~Motivation and inspiration
~Promotes a natural instinct of eating and drinking; returning one to a healthy physical state
~Opens and activates the heart chakra
~Relieves stress and associated conditions, dreams,  and tendencies
~Calms the mind to become more receptive
~Aids general healing
~A stone of wisdom and self-confidence

Leopard Skin Jasper
~Instills a feeling of wholeness, serenity, and being cared for
~Aids mental clarity and function
~Connects to heart?s center
~Acts as an energetic tonic and boosts immune system
~Harmonizes mineral assimilation; aids reproductive, urinary, and digestive systems
~Stone of shamanic journeying and creative visualization
~Aids service to others
~Soothing and relaxing a stressed mind

(Pink Leopard Skin Jasper and Clear Quartz)


~Stone of transition
~Peaceful energy

~Deep emotional healing

~Cosmic awareness

~Overcoming emotional and metal dependency

~Independence, self-love, and trust

~Clears electromagnetic pollution


Lithium Quartz
~Currently only found in Minas Gerais, Brazil
~Relaxation while remaining energized
~Useful for deep meditation, releasing stress, and activating any/all of the chakras
~Harmony in relationships
~Strong anti-depressant, immune booster, muscle relief, and bipolar relief
~Healing emotions and grief
~Facilitates a peaceful, calm space for healers and their work
~Moves energy from the hands upward
~Enhances creativity


~Align and balance energy centers
~Increase endurance

~Grounding and protective

~Occurs with many colors and inclusions
~Often looks like gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes
~Shift in consciousness to a higher vibration
~Journey stone; protective
~Stimulates lucid dreaming, aura viewing, and ESP
~Emotional healing and spiritual growth
~Useful for manifesting dreams and transforming energy
~Healing of any disease
~Great for those who are energy sensitive
~Crown chakra connection to spiritual guides and animals

Lumerian Quartz
~Integration of innocence; mental and spiritual emphasis
~Stimulates psychic and paranormal activates
~Heart and emotional healing
~Elation; Return to paradise
~Facilitates soft, loving energy
~Access expanded states of consciousness
~Facilitates flow of energy
~Program to help with an condition

Mahogany Obsidian

~Cleanse 2nd chakra to unblock creativity
~Dispelling unworthiness, release inner limitations

~Shield psychic attack

~Clearing birth trauma

~Strengthen organs/tissues, increase kind/liver function for detox


~Encourages empathy and desire for others perspective
~Capricorn, scorpio

~Promote emotional balance, bring calm, relieve depression and worry; insomnia

~Facilitates dream interpretation and meditation

~For immunity, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, pituitary gland, eyesight, teeth, Tissue regeneration, physical balance, endurance, detoxing, easing childbirth, asthma, epilepsy, tumors, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, swelling, bone fractures, torn muscles, cholera

~Middle ages: believed to protect inner eye and relieve stomach conditions

~protection; permeates auric field and strengthen ?shell? against hostility

~Supports red cell count and hemoglobin, inflammation reduction, draw out toxins, alleviate pain, assist digestion

~Accentuates luck and synchronicity to keep safe and protected

~Enhances ability to see own emotional traps and avoid pitfalls

~Enhancement of willpower; easier to refuse temptation (realize serving highest good)

~Holds ?Yang? polarity of coppers electrical conduction activity

~Strengthen ability to take action and create from thoughts and ideas to manifest desires and dreams

~Help overcome difficulty and stay true to direction

~Remind of creative ability

~Helpful to perceive limitations and move past, draw out impurities in the field and melts

~Stimulate passion for creating life and strength to own creation

~Burning through emotional confusion and overcome victim/abuser polarity, fear of confrontation and/or self expression (help those who fear being noticed)

~Restore strength/vitality and recover after surgery (tissue)

~Rids shyness; awaken desire for knowledge


~Composed of garnets and druzy quartz in a grey-purple matrix
~Revitalizes and energizes those near the stone
~Beneficial during detoxification
~Promotes productivity, happiness, and contentment.
~Harmonizes and restores equilibrium to environment
~Uplifting and grounding
~Aids positive outlook on life

~Finance & Prosperity
~can be used for distance healing

~very good for helping addictions, habits, and phobias.

~help with any life transformation.

~highly protective for yourself, home, and workplace

~a magical stone containing unique energies

~very good for channeling, dream work and meditation

~assist astrologers to be more accurate

~It is The Stone of Astrologers and Healers

~Formed when a meteorite hits the Earth
~Carries a fusion of Earthly and extraterrestrial energies
~Eases doubts and fears
~Helps interplanetary souls to deal with their existence on Earth and feel at home
~Increases sensitivities to guidance, intuition, and telepathy
~Supports diagnosis and healing processes; slows aging process
~Stimulates personal fulfilment
~Inspires unexpected solutions and awakens latent memories
~Upper chakra and high vibrational energy
~Creates bubble of spiritual protection and grounding

Mookaite (Moon) Jasper

~Attuning to intuition and bringing awareness
~Helps with decision making, helps with emotional growth

~Stimulates kindness to ourselves as well as others

~Provides flexibility and openness in our opinions and faithfulness in promises

~Help gain enthusiasm to bring the excellence of ourselves

~Release energy

~Excellent stone of shielding, brings well-being to our body

~Eliminate distractions and revealing what is concealed

(Ba Ba Opal Quartz Cluster
Mookaite - Moon Jasper
Rutilated Quartz)



~Stimulates connection to higher self and bring peace to emotions
~Stimulates inner eye

~Silences pessimism and oversensitivity; Increases spontaneity

~Encourages new beginnings and breaks habits

~Balances hormones with nature

~Increases mediumistic ability and clairvoyance

~Enhances vision and dreamwork
~Teaches working with the Divine
~Brings patience and objectivity

(White Moonstone and Green Jade)


Moss Agate

~Emanates physical balance and stability; grounding
~Healing form illness, addiction

~Enhances mental concentration, persistence, endurance, and completing goals

~Increase effectiveness of physical workouts

~Connect to earth while stimulating psychic contact with Earth spirits

~For abundance, physical health, wealth, and spiritual understanding of nature

~Transmute unwholesome tendencies (even attached to past life) and replace with divine

~Clear vision of dreams for manifestation

~Peace/emotional stability to breed determination and persistence

~Awakens warrior mentality and courage

~Infection resistance through immune support

~Stimulates awareness of higher self
~Opens all parts of the mind, good for problem solving
~Balances side effects of psychic abilities

~Stimulate confidence and ease tension (used in building in earthquake prone areas to ease Earthly tensions)
~Brings one into present moment
~AKA Muscovy glass where it was used to make windows in the Muscovy region of Russia
~Physically used for pancreas, blood sugar, dehydration, kidneys, hunger during fasting, insomnia, allergies, and disease
~Helps one to see situations more positively
~Protective for those prone to picking up unwanted energy
~Expands perspective to see more possibilities
~Great for ending or beginning relationships


~Boosts intuition through awareness and creativity, psychic abilities
~Protective (sealing aura), grounding, focus for male energy; Cleanses auric field

~Good for stomach and digestive disorders

~Illuminate negative thoughts and habits that inhibit personal growth and clears from aura and cellular memory; Understand and evolve to higher purposes

~Clearing reproductive system of past abuse

~Dissolves shock, fear, and traumatization at a cellular level; Stauch bleeding, circulation, and warms extremities

~Sharpens intellect and senses

~Snowflake obsidian most beneficial for circulation; Making the ?best out of a situation?: Increases psychic sensitivity for seeing higher-self inspired synchronicity (Inclusive awareness); Helpful for those on the edge of hope and seeing Earthy and Divine sources of support


Ocean Jasper

~Emotional healing
~Connecting to divine intuition
~Clairvoyant visualization
~Balance between self and others; synergy
~Soul retrieval after trauma
~Eliminate perceptual distortion
~Integration of spiritual and physical
~Creative flow and inspiration; epiphany
~Greater synchronicity
~Radiate positive impact
~Strengthen confidence

(Ocean Jasper
Smokey Quartz

~Stone of inspiration, imagination, and creativity
~Brings happy dreams
~Eases the process of change
~Amplifies and clarifies emotions
~Increased visualization, spontaneity, psychic vision
~Lessens inhibitions
~Strengthens will to life
~Balances human psyche
~Programmable with magic and intentions
~Powerful manifestation stone

~Improves communication
~Removes energy blockages; overcoming fatigue and stabilizing moods
~Persistence and strength
~Success in business
~Purifies the blood and kidneys
~Increases self esteem, self worth, and wellbeing
~?Stone of Eternity? bringing understanding of true self and freedom of spirit
~Encourages exploration; release of fears and worries
~Peaceful and soft energy
~Attracts Light beings

Orange Calcite

~Integrate spiritual realm with physical body
~Enhances creativity and helps with emotional issues

~Releasing past trauma allowing for optimism and joy

~Energy amplification and cleansing

~Clear old energy patterns

~Good for distance healing work

~?Stone of the mind?

Pink Opal Calcite

~?Happy dream? stone
~Stone of deep compassion

~Non-judgmental acceptance and unconditional love

~Compassion for past mistakes and fear based decisions

~Emotional and action-oriented aspects of self

~Helps dissolve energetic scar tissue and debris around heart and willpower centers

~Overcome fear of taking action and putting heart forward

Pink (Rubellite) Tourmaline
~Brings peace and love into social and family interactions
~Influx of joy and happiness
~Aids emotional and mood related problems
~Physically helps heal nerve damage acquired from sudden injury, heart related issues, spine and brain balancing
~More cheerful frame of mind
~Enhance creativity, passion, and feelings of empowerment
~Helps one be aware of the spirituality of their actions
~Release deep fear and bring compassion for healing
~Useful during growth and periods of change
~Good for sensitive adults and children
~Best stone for teenage pregnancy to help mother/child bond
~Shamanic protection
~Resets sleep patterns
~Conductor of high frequency and vibration

Peacock Ore

~Enhances perception and contact with ancient energies
~Removes all types of blockages

~Open connection

~Stimulate happiness and trust in Universal Consciousness

~Inspires infinite energies of universe to maintain those of the energetic bodies


~Protection from outside influences, releases stress ego, anger and jealousy
~Releases emotional blocks, eliminate addictions and negative repeated cycles; Increases ability to receive on all levels

~Mental health and healing; Bestows wisdom and friendship; Bless and energize work

~Causes cells surrounding cancer to turn acidic in combination with other crystals

~Physical tonic, stimulate birth, good for digestion, gastroenteritis, Chrohn?s disease, IBS, and ulcers, detoxing, sunburn, anemia (green color iron) x astigmatism, and near-sightedness

~Support weight gain, for eating disorders

~Benefits gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, heart, metabolism, skin conditions, and lungs

~Stimulates self-forgiveness and desire to mend mistakes; Dissolves associated oppressive feelings and allows detachment from outside influences enhancing ability to draw from experience

~Inner sense of warmth and well-being; Courage to act on heart; Financial and spiritual abundance

~Earth stone: aids connection with Earth realms and helpful for Earth and Animal healing and communication

 (Purple Amethyst, Light Green Raw Peridot, Dark Green Bloodstone)

Petrified Wood
~Grounding and stabilizing emotions
~Calming survival based fears
~Business success and protection
~Assists one in keeping their pace throughout the day to avoid excessive burnout or distraction
~Comfort in knowing everything happens in it?s own time
~Strength and support during crisis
~Provides insight into life lessons
~Encourages contentment
~Beneficial for back, bones, skin, and hair; Used by healers for atrophied limbs, paralysis, and spinal strength
~Helpful for spells that extend life spans
~Stone of transformation
~Useful for past life regression

Phantom Quartz

~Alleviates feeling of grief and loss
~Assists one in bringing together humanity to heal
~Redemption and Earth healing
~Stimulates creativity and growth
~Represents transformation

~Balancing all chakras
~Strong heart energy
~Calming; instant stress relief
~Aids a powerful spiritual connection
~Stimulates clairaudience (clear hearing)
~Connection to guides
~Aid insomnia, the digestive system, all stress related conditions, the circulation system, aging related complications, psychosomatic (mental illness)
~Enhances relationships and connection

Pink Opal
~Stone of peace
~Facilitates an immediate shift to love; euphoria
~Tranquility for the human aura
~Emotional healing; resolution of painful memories
~Mood lifting stone; alleviates stress
~Bring sweetness and lightness to life
~Hope and good luck
~Balances giving and receiving


~Used to multiply energy and protective field
~Produce calmness

~Stone for dreaming and remembering

~Enhances ability for prophesy; knowing to prepare

(Green Prehnite and Blue Sodalite)



~Powerful protection stone
~Stimulates the intellect and enhances memory

~Assists one in seeing behind facades

~Inspires the universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body

~Encourages the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being
~Allows one to recognize the purity of the universe 



~Facilitate flow of energy
~Channel: help with any condition

~Dispel negativity, re-energize ?zest? for life

~Helps all conditions, pain, discomfort, malaise, low energy, ME, ear problems, diabetes, MS

~Balance heart, spine, weight loss

~Energy amplification, programmability and memory

~Heightened spiritual awareness

~Telepathy and psychic vision

~Stimulates nerves, fingernail growth and help to remove adhesion in connective tissue

Rainforest Jasper
~Connects with planetary healing
~Reawakens awareness of other creatures and with it sense of their journey
~Align with balance of one?s nature; assist in body and treating it better
~Commit to action in support and support of life
~Healing and invigorating energy
~Hope renewal and of any desire for those who have given up on the future
~Observing nature with a humble and open heart
~Invigorating liver and detoxifying the body


Red Calcite

~Energizing and detoxifying; activate energy and life force; Calms fear
~Release negative emotions and attract love; Center, ground, and protect
~Good for blood conditions; base chakra; all physical ailments and calm healing
~Increase willpower and bring inner strength; Restore inner wonder
~Subtle aid in giving and receiving love; link base with crown
~Help to ground into physical and see sacred in the mundane; Appreciate body and physicality


Red Jasper

~Grounding Earth energy
~Understanding of natural events and change
~Stabilize aura
~Good for those sensitive to crystalline energy
~Stimulates sexuality and fertility
~Protect, cleanse, and balance all chakras
~Promote beauty and grace

(Red Jasper and Quartz)

Red Tiger?s Eye
~Stimulates motivation
~Root chakra energy
~Use for adding vitality and passion to projects

~Grounding for sexuality of self and in relationships
~Aiding on in seeing ways to enhance their confidence, self-esteem, and willpower
~Survival and protection stone
~A source of energy for those prone to lethargy
~Raises vibration while remaining connected to the Earth
~Opens one to unconditional love
~A good post-surgery stone


~Healing, comfort, harmony, amity, and friendship
~Smooth energy flow
~Emotional expressiveness and tolerance
~Compassion; Self-love
~Grace in loss of loved ones
~Powerful heart opener

(Right: Amethyst and Rhodochrosite)


~Energy of love; project outwards
~Recovery of inner gifts for use of higher good
~Fulfillment of life purpose; Remain on life path
~Enhance depth, clarity, and meaning of inner experiences
~Learning and development
~Realignment of physical body
~Strengthens tissues, organs, and glands; Liver support
~Facilitates flow if chi life force energy


Root Beer Fluorite
~Current deposits sites are in Clay Center, Ohio
~Fluorite is a stone for Pieces and Capricorn zodiacs
~Heighten intuition
~Fluoresces under LW/UV lights
~Clears illusions
~Good for distance healing work
~Protective, grounding, centering
~Gets stuck energy flowing for release
~Helps harmonize relationships
~Aids emotional discernment to allow clear decision making
~Strengthens body; helpful for all conditions energetically sourced
~Good for detoxing

Rose Aura Quartz

~Gently activates all chakras and energy centers
~Clears the heart chakra, and aids one in seeing their self worth

~Created in a vacuum chamber; naturally bonding Platinum vapor to Quartz Crystal

~Provides insight into all relationships

~Connection to universal love

~Especially useful in times of puberty and young pregnancy

~Stimulate passion, love, and vitality

~Great for multidimensional healing; Restoration of balance to cells

Rose Quartz

~?love stone?: envelope of love
~Calm negative & aggressive feelings

~Reduce tension, stress, fear

~Soothes emotional wounds & bad memories; encourages forgiveness

~Promotes creativity & imagination

~Physical: Balance sex drive, fertility, menstruation, PMS; healthy/youthful complexion & appearance; Aids circulation, spleen, adrenals; help asthma, heart conditions, kidney disorders (detox), aches and pains, varicose veins, coughs, influenza, burn sunburn, and vertigo

~Heal heart?s wounds, reawaken gifts and hope/faith in the universe

~Links personal heart to that of the universe

~Stimulate crown, third eye, & throat to unite with heart, sooth lower chakras
~Heart is strongest generator of light energy
~Carries loving consciousness of spiritual masters; unite with divine

~Gentle yet firm; softness overcoming hard; recognition of elementary needs; encourages helpfulness, openness

~Taurus & Libra


(Right: Rose Quartz and Purple Amethyst)


~Stimulate root chakra and bring additional life force
~Enhances passion and fortitude
~Eliminate feelings of hopelessness or defeat
~Magnet for novelty and synchronicity
~Stone of courage, grounding
~Assuages doubt and anxiety
~Step forward and stand up for those threatened
~Speak truth to power
~Assists in meeting needs on all levels of being

(Ruby in Matrix)

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite)
~Creates an altered state of consciousness
~Stimulates psychic abilities
~Awareness of individuality
~Stimulates hear-centered sense of security
~Passion and zest for life
~Increases sexual potency and physical vitality
~Good for circulation, blood, and the heart


Rutilated Quartz
~Assists mental focus
~Ignite deep love and stabilize relationships
~Returns chakras to a balanced state
~Ease loneliness and promote happiness
~Clarifies thoughts and emotions
~Creates spiritual connections
~Cure food disorders, strengthen immune system, aid tissue growth, reduce depression, aid discovery of source of illness; Italians prescribed to cure bronchitis
~Diminish fears and aid decision making
~Increases self-reliance


~Build and strengthen relationships
~Encourages truth, clarity, and sight
~Balances reality and facilitates change

Scepter Quartz

~Generates and amplifies energy
~Powerful healing tool

~Dispel negativity, re-energize ?zest? for life

~Helps all conditions

~Balance heart, spine, weight loss

~Energy amplification, programmability and memory

~Heightened spiritual awareness

~Telepathy and psychic vision

~Affinity for the heart chakra
~Stone of Lumeria and Atlantis;  Carried by the high priest/priestess

~Opens/activates third eye, crown and soul star chakras

~Fast and effective at cleansing auric field

~Lift awareness to contact guides and spirits to see interior motives

~Grounds higher self into light body

~Allows progression in life, overcome stagnation

~Direct higher energies for physical healing

~Recover from abuse and emotions linked to repeated patterns

~Helps mercury amalgam filling leakage, light sensitivity, and condition from free radicals including cancer, tumors, and age spots

~Acne, eczema, psoriasis, good for skin elasticity, wrinkle prevention, hair loss, spine, menstrual cycle, epilepsy

~Boosts fertility and sex drive and longevity


~?Angel Stone?; facilitates connection to Angels
~Restoration of Health and Balance
~Encourages living from the heart
~Awareness of divine feminine
~Supports the heart, lungs, and cell regeneration
~Releasing unwanted emotional patterns
~Enhances social skills and encourages meaningful relationships
~Aids shift of perspective

Smokey Quartz
~Earth element

~Increases tolerance of stress, bear sorrow, cope, produce great effort (anti-stress)

~Encourages sober, realistic, pragmatic considerations

~Concentration and dissolve contradictions and feelings/thoughts of separateness

~Pain alleviating, dissolve cramps

~Help back problems, fortify nerves, protect against radiation and reverse damage

~Premium grounding stone; ground spiritual info for practical, beneficial action

~Practicality, organization, concentration, avoid extravagance
~Grounds negative energy to Earth (transmuting to light)
~Draw ethereal into manifestation; bringing dreams and inspired ideas into manifestation

~Connect to Earth and join energy between body and earth

~Cleanse and clear energetic and auric systems (draw out and ground)

~Counter electromagnetic fields of technology

~Align body with expanded range of light frequency


Snowflake Obsidian
~Boosts intuition through awareness and creativity, psychic abilities

~Protective (sealing aura), grounding, focus for male energy; Cleanses auric field

~Good for stomach and digestive disorders

~Illuminate negative thoughts and habits that inhibit personal growth and clears from aura and cellular memory; Understand and evolve to higher purposes

~Clearing reproductive system of past abuse

~Dissolves shock, fear, and traumatization at a cellular level; Staunch bleeding, circulation, and warms extremities

~Sharpens intellect and senses

~most beneficial for circulation; Making the ?best out of a situation?:

~Increases psychic sensitivity for seeing higher-self inspired synchronicity (Inclusive awareness)

~Helpful for those on the edge of hope and seeing Earthy and Divine sources of support

~Encourages drive for truth

~Objective awareness

~Remaining true to self

~Clarity of self and resistance to external influence

~Avoid unconscious mechanisms and behavior

~Dissolve feelings of guilt; promote confidence

~Release of restrictions; enhance courage

~Heals throat and areas surrounding

~Cooling: lower blood pressure

~Enhances all mental abilities and intuition

~Release self-judgement

~Focus on moment

~Cultivate detachment from concern and worry; reduce stress and anxiety

(Right: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Sodalite)

Spirit Quartz (Cactus)
~Vibration of universal love
~Assists letting go and moving forward
~Heighten metaphysical abilities
~Energetic and auric cleansing
~Alignment with high vibrational energies
~Integration of and acceptance of self
~Contentment with the flow of life
~May intensify and increase dreaming if placed under the pillow at night

Star Mica
~Clears and centers energies of the body

~Works powerfully with the heart and third eye

~Healing of perspectives and judgment

~Reflective, helps to recognize what we need to adjust

~Enhances flexibility


Starry Jasper
~Protection for travelers

~Instills feeling of wholeness

~Grounding and supportive of mental clarity

~Encourages freedom of self-expression


Strawberry Quartz
~Stimulates the loving energy of the heart
~Facilitates flow of energy
~Easily programmable for intentions
~Used as a channel for healing; especially emotional issues
~Fills one with the euphoria of a loving environment
~Aids understanding of creation
~Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies

~Energy of universal love and joy
~Energizes 3rd chakra, opens 4th, and brings energy upwards
~Psychic guidance and creativity
~Aids in remember spiritual or past life experiences
~Enhances intuition and ability to accept circumstances out of one?s control
~Good for manifestation work
~Clarity of thought; Soothes ADD and ADHD; Facilitate peace of mind
~Emotional and heart healing
~Connected to the zodiac, Aries

(Stilbite and Peacock Ore)

~Commonly considered the ?premier love stone?
~Protection from and release of negative energy
~Encourages positive feelings, release of stress, and peace of mind
~Associated with the Violet Ray ? beacon of spiritual energy
~Spiritual growth and recognition of purpose
~Enhances channeling and other psychic abilities
~Useful for healing learning disabilities and pain associated with the head and stomach
~Aids discovery of past lives, helps one integrate into new surroundings
~Centers the body, mind, emotions, and spirit
~Discovered in 1944 by Japanese scientist, Dr. K. Sugi
~Associated with the Zodiac Virg

(Sugilite Point)

~Rejuvenating, especially if one does a great deal of thinking/mental work and little physical exercise

~Mental clarity, focus, analysis, understanding, willpower, discipline, confidence.

~Remove negative thoughts, energy, emotions and feelings

~Used to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people

~Can bring flashes of inspiration and help melt away barriers that are blocking our progress


~Clear and energize chakras

~Remove blocks and return to source surrounded by love

~Alleviate stress, fearfulness, and increase vitality

~Optimism and enthusiasm
~Official gemstone of Oregon
~Heighten intuition
~Encourages independence, self-empowerment, self-worth, and originality
~Stimulate self-healing
~Useful for stomach tension, chronic sore throats, ulcers, cartilage and spinal issues


Tangerine Quartz
~Stimulates creativity, sexuality, and manifestation
~Awakening of kundalini energies
~Zest and energy to implement new ideas
~Brings out the inner child
~A stone of passion; Powerful sacral chakra balancer
~Used for fertility, enhancing relationships, and the assimilation of ideas

Tanzanite Andara

~Exploration of psychic powers

~Considered a ?Stone of magic?

~Opens third eye and prevents inner knowing from becoming too overwhelming

~Useful for interpreting emotional experiences

~Strengthen immune system and strengthen vitality

~Energy of happiness and relief from worry

~Allows one to more easily speak heart?s true

~Most effective for linking Heart to Third Eye chakra

~Heightens spiritual growth


~Formed from the area around where a meteor hits the surface of the Earth
~Increases vibration
~Facilitate free flow of energy
~Enhance and accelerate healing from illness and injuries
~Encourage telepathy and astral travel
~Thins veils between dimensions
~Universal connection
~Heightened psychic sensitivity, psychic travel, increase energy field

~Open and clear the lower chakras.

~Assists knowledge

~Strengthens the energy field

~Assists in attaining knowledge and learning lessons throughout the travels of life

~Balances the feminine/masculine

Tibetan Quartz
~Attunement to ancient knowledge
~Useful for directing energy and focus in meditation
~Aids understanding of past events for healing
~Aids fasting and absentness
~Vibrates to the sound of OM: IAM
~Considered a master healer and teacher
~Balances all energy centers
~Aids manifestation abilities
~When worn for extended periods of time, it attunes to the wearers inventive powers

(Middle: Aquamarine and Tibetan Quartz)

Tigers Eye

~Helps get through difficult phases in life with courage
~Balances moods during stress

~Helps retain objective viewpoint

~Sharpens mind and intuition

~Helps eliminate worry, depression, and anxiety

~Grounding and centering

~Carries the frequency of creation

~Dispels duality

(Right: Tiger's Eye and Quartz)

~Clears mental clutter and negativity
~Encourages one to follow their spiritual path
~Letting go of past experiences
~Aid in creating privacy; removing you from the radar of anyone harassing you
~Found only in Siberia, Russia
~Creates a positive frame of mind
~Aids moving forward in life, while focusing on more positive traits of yourself
~Works within solar plexus and sacral chakras
~Great stone for purification ceremonies

Titanium (Dark Rainbow, Flame) Aura Quartz

~Activates all chakras and energy centers
~Fills with zest for life and clearing of all past energy and emotional blocks
~Created in a vacuum chamber; naturally bonding Titanium vapor to Quartz Crystal
~Provides insight into all relationships
~Of the God Hermes; quick wit and intelligence
~Evokes warrior mentality of strength and action
~Protects from electromagnetic fields of technology
~Stimulate passion, creativity, and sexuality
~Master and multidimensional healer
~Used to highten immune and endocrine systems, allow greater reception of love, bring full  balance
~Activate Third Eye and psychic energy

~Clarity of sight especially in problem solving and expressing ideas
~Increases strength and relaxation
~Heals, balances, energizes the bodily meridians
~Promotes truth and forgiveness
~Stone of love and good fortune
~Self-realization and self-control
~Aids digestion and eating disorders
~Balances nervous system and metabolism
~Aids in manifesting intentions in alignment with Divine will
~Leo and Scorpio birthstone
~Blue: Aids clear communication. Brings body, mind, and spirit into union. Aids in recognizing truth.
~Yellow: Strengthens faith and optimism. Assists in recognizing abilities and attracts helpful people. Bestows charisma and confidence. Regenerates cellular structure, nervous system, and nutrients. Treats liver, gallbladder, and endocrine glands.

Tourmaline Quartz
~Purifies and protects energies against internal invasion and environmental influences
~Symbol of unity and effective problem solving

~Liberation from destructive patterns

~Balance yin and yang energies, opposites
~Detoxes body and digestive track

Tree Agate

~Encourages inner peace and serenity
~Makes you aware of your strengths, awakens warrior

~Strengthens endurance and consistency

~Ensures vitality, stable health and healthy immune system


~Strengthens and aligns chakras
~Assist communication

~Heighten psychic powers

~Develop innate talents

~Induce understanding and wisdom

(Right: Citrine and Turquoise bracelets)

Turitella Agate

~Diminish pomposity
~Protective: allows one to realize that the idea of safety is actually the idea of the relinquishment of attack

~Instills knowing of information of Earth healing

~Help through transition and eliminate discordant thoughts

~Promotes sense of security



~Relieves grief and balances heart center
~Let go of past and trapped emotions

~Balance yin-yang energies

~Stimulates understanding of the cause of dis-ease



~Powerful root chakra stone; security
~Energy and stamina for deadline projects

~Accepting physicality and it?s limits; Grounds soul into body

~Manifesting stone

~Stimulate creative energy

~Awakening passion and sexual energies

~Promotes order

Watermelon Tourmaline
~Opens the Heart Chakra
~Inspires creativity and practicality
~100% naturally occurring colors
~The stone of Soul Mate relationships
~Useful for connecting with nature spirits on Earth
~Helps one see meaning in life?s events and the source of true Happiness
~The ultimate de-stress stone; creates a calm state of mind
~Strong healing ability; stress related disease and heart/respiratory disorders
~Brings a higher electrical charge into a person?s energy field

Yellow Jasper

~Sustains and supports in times of stress
~Protection and positive energy

~Rectifying unjust circumstances

~All choice is singularly ones responsibility

~Ability to help you "clear your mind", to help prevent set-backs in progress, and even to eliminate the aspects of digression

~Allows one to understand and maintain a realistic attitude during any personal evolution

(Yellow Jasper, Tiger's Eye, and Rose Quartz)

Zebra Marble

~Grounding and protective
~Enhances focus


~Brings optimism and compassion

~Heightened instinct and intuition

~Aids the loving of self and others
~Powerfully grounding; enhancing productivity and feelings of security
~Finding distance from one?s learned opinions
~Increases intuitional guidance and sharpens focus
~Stimulates awareness of psychic communication
~Aspiration for knowledge and truth through curiosity
~Works with all energy centers for alignment

(Zircon and Amethyst)